What is www.cmikenya.com

www.cmikenya.com is an Informational Database about CMI St. Thomas Region provided by the St. Thomas Region of the Carmelite of Mary Immaculate, Kenya.

How can I list the features of CMI St. Thomas Region's web portal?

By clicking on the link to site map on the top right of the page, you can list the features of this web portal.

How can I change my profile details?

Members of CMI St. Thomas Region, Kenya can make change in their personal profile, academic profile and life history. The members are requested to send the details for updation to the following email: cmikenya@gmail.com

How can I Change my Photo?

In order to change the photo of personal profile a member is requested to send a passport size photo to the following email as attachment: cmikenya@gmail.com. You may hand over the photograph directly to Rev.Fr. Ajith Pullokkaran for an updation.

How can I add pictures to Gallery Section?

Members of CMI St. Thomas Region can contribute the pictures to the Gallery section of the portal. The photos should be sent to following email as attachment: cmikenya@gmail.com. jpeg or gif file are preffered. Rev. Fr. Ajith Pullokkaran CMI takes care of gallery sections of web portal.

How can I send news to CMI St. Thomas Region's Web Portal?

All the members of CMI congregation are welcome to send news CMI Devamatha web portal. The news should be sent to the following email id: cmikenya@gmail.com