• St. Joseph's Catholic Parish, Mbiuni

    Vicar: Fr. Biju Chathely

    Asst. Vicar: Fr. Ajith Pullokaran CMI

    No. of Families: 3000

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  • History of St. Joseph's Catholic Parish, Mbiuni

    It is the first parish where CMI members started the missionary apostolate in Kenya. History of the Mbiuni Catholic Mission begins with the arrival of the first catholic missionaries in Ukambani � the land of the kamba. In 1913, two French Holy Ghost missionaries came to live at Kombe, a small village two miles away from Mbiuni. They built a simple house and a grass-thatched church and spent a year there trying to establish the first catholic mission in Ukambani. But some people opposed it. Therefore fathers were told to move to another place called Kabaa. In 1915, the two priests built the first Catholic Church in Ukambani using sun-baked bricks. But in 1918, they left for Kilungu to begin a new mission, so Kabaa was left without a priest. During 1930s the mission at Kabba was developed. As the out stations and number of Christians increased, it was found necessary to divide the parish, and hence a new church and mission was built in Mbiuni, seven kilometers from Kabaa, in 1977. Rev. Fr. Michael Cuniffe was the first priest in charge of Mission. In June 1983, Rev. Fr. Jose Kallely CMI was appointed as the parish Priest. It was the dawn of the new era in the history of Mbiuni Catholic Mission.