• Social Work & CMIs

    St. Chavara was also the pioneer in the field of the Apostolate of social and charitable activities in the Kerala Church. Today, the CMIs are engaged in social services in various fields such as care of the sick, mentally retarded, physically challenged, and in various job-oriented and self-help programmes. In the North Indian CMI Missions and African Missions, hundreds of poor villagers are on the path of integral progress by the services of the CMI Missionaries. All our social services aim at building up an ideal community of people with the kingdom values of mutual love, truth, freedom, equality, justice, fraternity, solidarity and peaceful coexistence.

    St. Chavara instructed that “the day in which you have not done something good to your fellowmen will not be recorded in your book of life”. With the help of other agencies and with our own resources we lend our helping hands to the poor and marginalized through institutions like orphanages, centers for the physically and mentally challenged, terminally ill, hospitals, health care centers, de-addiction centers, counseling centers and non formal institutions of various types which all together numbers about 125. In the course of time the followers of the holy trio picked up the modern idea of social action centered on the welfare of families and community developmental programmes. Thus, following the scientific and technical way of doing social work through the active participation of the beneficiaries, they formed different kinds of registered societies and trusts and got financial help from various funding agencies around the world and the government.

  • Our Social Face @ East Africa

    P.O. Box 29,  Mbiuni-90110,  Mwala Dt., Machakos , 
    Tel: + 254 735468119
    Email: lawrencecmi@gmail.com
    Web: www.cmikenya.com
    Administrator: Fr. Biju Chathely
    Assistant : Fr. Lawrence Kinyua
    No.of Students: 350